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Atlas Stomatology


Atlas Stomatologija is one of the oldest dental practices in Belgrade with over 4.000 patients who left the ordination with a smile on their faces. By the words of dr Radule Mrkić, they choose Geelancer design marketplace to get awesome design because they believe in power of community. They saw incredible talent in our designers:

"We exist for more than 2 decades and have served a huge amount of patients. We exclusively believe in quality and seriousness, which is why we have such a large number of satisfied patients. For these reasons, we have decided to get quality design through Geelancer. There is a vast number of amazing designers out there who share the same values with us: Quality, Seriousness, Professionalism. This is our second design contest we have run here and, of course, we are enormously satisfied, again. Didn't have a shared of doubt. Design contest are an incredible way to get a great design. Just, Geelancer has one big flaw: clients don't know what to choose between so many great design ideas. It is really hard. We had the same problem on our first design contest, also. We will continue the great partnership with Geelancer and their designers, with first next occasion. Thank you for existing".

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