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You would like to find out more about online design contests, GeeMee projects between clients and designer, ways of payments to designers, what are Premium contests? Here you can find many answers, but if you can't, feel free to contact us.


Check your spam folder, it could be there. If so, problem solved. If not, then contact us immediately so we can fix the problem and let you work and earn money. We care deeply about that.

Basic difference is that Classic members can apply on Classic design contests, where Premium members can apply on all design contests published on Geelancer.  Premium contests pay bigger prizes and Premium designers earn more. You have to work hard to deserve becoming Premium designer. The best of the best.

In order to become a Premium designer, you need to be registered as Classic designer first. Then, you have to build your GeeMee Portfolio, win design contests and successfully finish GeeMee 1 on 1 job with clients, and then apply for Premium membership.

If you win (kudos) we will pay you to your PayPal or Payoneer account. Also, we can pay you via wire transfer. 

Payments are done in 14 days after successful winning file exchange between designer and client. Payment will be reduced for payment fee, in accordance with the official price list (fees), and real transfer costs (like PayPal fee for receiving party, or international wire transfer interbank cost).

On Geelancer can be published two main types of design contests: Classic and Premium design contests.

Classic design contests are a basic type of contests where every designer can apply. Before the publishing of a design contest client must pay whole design contest prize amount in escrow with Geelancer, in order to guaranty successful payment in case of choosing the winner. The prize money is with us, safe and sound, during design contest active time. After the client chooses the winner, we pay the winning designer prize money.

Premium design contest is an advanced type of contest where only Premium designers can apply. Best of the best. That also means prizes are much bigger than ones on Classic contests. You have to work hard on building your portfolio in order to become Premium designer. 

There can be no winner on design contest published on Geelancer if client doesn't like presented design works. If you don't win, don't be sad. Next one is yours! We recommend not to delete any of your works, where there is recorder time and date of your work upload, in case of any legal dispute.

Every design contest published on Geelancer can be hidden. That is awesome because designers cannot see each other works. The client chooses if his design contests will be hidden, during the process of design contest creation. After the design contest is done, all designs are public.

Design contest, published on Geelancer, can also be NDA contest. That means it becomes super-secret (NDA= Non-Disclosure Agreement), and each designer, eager to apply on that design contest, must agree to special terms. Nothing about the client, company, design contest brief or anything about that design contest can be disclosed to third parties, or there will be consequences. Harsh ones.

 In your portfolio designs, from design contests, are automatically added. Also, you can add any design you are the author of, as much as you like, in the format: .jpg, .png and .jpeg, a recommended dimensions are 1000 x 1000 px.

On design contest, you can upload work in the same format and dimensions.

Yes. When you build your GeeMee portfolio and choose design categories you are best in, clients can find you while looking for designers in the specific design category. When they find you, they will check your bio and portfolio and if they like what they see, they can hire you. You will be notified about the client who would like to work with you and the design job offer they sent you. You can check the offer in the section "my jobs" where you will see: client name, job description, offer amount and deadline. You can accept the job or decline it. Also, you can negotiate via messages in the job section. 

When you struck a deal, the client will get notified to make an escrow payment, and when he does, you will be notified to start working. Until the job deadline, you can send files, comunicate with the client and send final files. In the end, the client can confirm the job is successful or not successfully finished. If successful, you will be paid. If not, Geelancer will mediate in the dispute. If we find you have done the job, you will be paid. If not, the money will be returned to the client. 

Don't forget to rate the client after each job. If you don't he will be automatically rated with the highest rating.

You will be paid in 14 days after a successful exchange of files. Payment is reduced by a fee, according to the official price list, and real transfer costs. 

Designers can promote themselves in GeeMee, in Recommended Designer section. Fees apply, in accordance with the official price list. Promotion is randomly shown to each visitor.


With Geelancer you get almost any design you can imagine: logo, branding, illustrations, icons, flyers, billboards, social media covers, product packaging, etc. Also, you can get video animations from short explainer videos to 3D logo and other animations. 

Super easy. First, you need to register as a Client. Then you have to start the process of design contest creation by clicking on "create contest". Second, while creating, the automatic system will guide you all the way. You will describe your business and/or design need, set the prize the winning designer will get and how long the design contest will last. The better the brief (description of your design contest) the better design works will you get. Also, the bigger the prize better designs you will get. 

Simple. You can register as a Client by choosing the option "I need a design" in the registration process. 

There are Classic and Premium design contests on Geelancer:

Classic design contests are a basic type of contest where all designers can apply. Before Classic design contest is published you need to transfer prize money in our escrow and pay fee for contest publishing. After we receive a total payment design contest is visible to all our awesome designers. Prize money is in escrow with Geelancer all the time, which makes everyone feel safer and sound. After you choose the winner, the designer will send you final files via exchange section of your design contest. After the exchange is successfully finished we pay designer with prize money. By doing this, you don't have the hassle of paying designer yourself and other bureaucracy problems. We do everything, and you cut costs.

Premium design contests are the same as Classic but only Premium designers can apply. Best of the best. But that also means you will have to pay more to win designer. 

Well, no. If you really don't like any design. Which is very unlikely to happen. Because we have the most awesome designers in the world. But, if it really happens, then you simply don't choose the winner, within the 5-day deadline, contact us, and we return the prize money. We keep the publishing fee, and you cover the real money transfer costs. 

 Any design contests can be also hidden. That means designers cannot see each other works. But you, of course, can see all. By this, creativity and design diversity will be much higher. So that is awesome. Unless you need a specific design by your precise instructions, where you should not use this option. You can make your design contest hidden while creating the design contest, in the additional options section. After the design contest is over, every design work is becoming public. 

If you have a super-secret project you need a design for, well, of course, you should make your design contest NDA contest. That means that it will become hidden from anyone, forever. And designer must agree to special terms where they oblige to keep their mouth shut about you, your company, your project, everything about design contest. OR they shall suffer huge consequences. So, you are safe from the eager eyes of the competition.

You can pay for your design contest via payment card, PayPal or wire transfer. Bear in mind that if you choose wire transfer, you shall pay all transfer costs.

After we receive the payment in full and administrative checkup. If anything wrong is with your contest (against our rules and terms) your design contest will not be published and your payment will be returned.

Our advice is you to be involved. Rate design works give designers feedback because it helps them to make better designs. The more you are involved the better.

To rate design work from a designer, simply enter that work and click on the number of stars you think it deserves.

You can do that via private comments inside each work, which are visible only to you and the author of the design. Keep in mind that it is strictly forbidden to exchange contact information and do business outside of Geelancer.

If you prefer doing business with designers directly, you can do that via our innovative GeeMee service. There, you can find designers by searching specific design category you need. Then you can check their design works, and when you find the ideal candidate you can hire them.

By hiring a designer you will create a design project (job) where you will state your business, what design you need, deadline by which designer must complete his work and money offer for a successful job. He can accept or decline your offer. If he accepts, you will have to pay the fee for project publishing as well as pay full offer amount in escrow with Geelancer. Then, the designer will be notified so he can start working.

Designer will send you files in your project, which you can check in section "my jobs" in your user panel. When you receive final files and designer has successfully completed the job, click on "exchange successful". By doing this we will pay the designer. But, if you are not satisfied with the work designer has done you can choose "exchange not successful" where we will intervene to mediate between you and the designer. If we find the designer has not completed the job, you will receive a full refund. Otherwise, the designer will be paid in full.

Don't forget to rate the designer after each job. If you don't he will be automatically rated with the highest rating.

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