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How Geelancer works?

You are not sure how Geelancer works? Possible, since you are here, right now. So, we are going to explain it to you, simple and easy, on how to get awesome design

Getting design via online design contests

The first way to get really good and awesome design and improve the business of your company, brand or project certainly is by creating and publishing online design contest on our marketplace. It is a new, modern and really easy way to get design. You know, long time ago people used to publish design contest in the local newspaper, the old fashion way, and then receive tens and thousands of mail letters to company headquarters. It was a mess. Employees wasted a lot of time in opening each letter and sorting through all printed designs. So, this is basically that, just a million times better. With no hussle. All sorted digitally, from the comfort of your home or office. And much easier, of course. 



First, you need to create an account on our design platform as someone who is in need of a design


Then you start the process of design creation where our automatic system process will guide you through it. You will describe your company, brand, project and what kind of design you need. You will set the prize (in money) for the winner of your contest, as well as how long will your design contest last


You pay the fee for design contest publishing and prize money escrow transfer. When we receive the payment your design contest is live


Sit back and relax in your comfortable couch, and enjoy hundreds of awesome designs you will shortly receive by our fantastic designers


After design contest is finished you choose the winner and get design files

It could not be any easier, are we right?

Create design contest

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Getting design by working directly with designers

Another way of getting awesome design is by working with designers directly, one on one. If you wish to find your ideal designer you can do that through our GeeMee™ part of service. It never was this easy to work with the designer until our innovative service.


Step in GeeMee™ where are thousands of our fantastic designers


Filter designers by design category you need. They have specified design areas where they are good


Check their portfolios, design works they have done, style and creativity. If you like what you see hire them 


By hiring a designer you start a GeeMe™ job where you state who you are, what you do, for what you need design, a job offer (money designer will get) and the deadline by which he needs to finish the design 


Pay the fee for starting GeeMe™ job and job offer transfer in escrow. After we receive the payment designer will start working and you get your awesome design.

This, also, can't be any easier, right?

Hire a designer

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