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We connect designers to those who are in need of great design!

Geelancer is the best and most transparent design marketplace and platform today. Thousands and thousands of designers and freelancers join our family every day to work with thousands of great clients, individuals, businesses and brands who need awesome design. Geelancer design marketplace provides anyone with great and awesome design via online design contests or special GeeMee™ platform for 1 on 1 work. 

Whatever design you need, we are here for you. Create an online design contest and get hundreds of ideas to choose from or hire our top talents and work with them directly to get a great design.

Our vision is to become the biggest, global design marketplace where designers and freelancers will truly be secure and free, and clients will get the best possible design. And this vision is already coming to life.

Thrust in us has laid some of the biggest and most significant companies like Limundo, Kupindo, Erste Bank, American Embassy, National Bank of Serbia, Fruvita, RNIDS, Belgrade International Games, Donesi, Infostud, Zepter, BalkanBet, Radio TNT and many, many more.


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Green Design ltd.


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Green Design d.o.o.

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Petra Lekovića 57

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Unicredit bank Serbia JSC  

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