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One of the best and most trustful Croatian internet media organisations had an important design job that needed to be done, fast and super great. But that is not all. They also needed a few awesome design talents for permanent employment. Instead of using traditional job posting websites, they created a design contest on Geelancer, in order to get great breaking news visual. In doing so, they found a couple of great designers whom they offered permanent design job. 

Matija Babić, founder and CEO of Index.Hr web news portal has described his experience with Geelancer like this:

" has managed to find, via Geelancer, very good candidates for a very hard and stressful job for news graphic and visualisation, in real-time. It is so awesome because this is a job for which is, usually, very hard to find good candidates. In the future, we will definitely use Geelancer services again. 

This is design they got:

Design contest for news company

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